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Studio Recordings


I absolutely love working with other musicians and artists on their projects and being a part of the creative process.  Witnessing the unfolding of their vision and hearing the final outcome is so awe-inspiring. Here are a few projects I was fortunate enough to be a small part of!


Working with Rebekah Van Tinteren on her all-original album “Rather Have You Wild” was such a joy and inspiration.   This took place during a particularly difficult time in my life and the timing of her project was remarkable. The tracks she desired to have the harp on are titled “Flock: Hope” and “Fly Butterfly: Courage”. The entire album was created to be listened to from beginning to end, taking you on an aural, emotional, and spiritual journey.  You may find yourself putting this album on repeat…

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Rather have you wild2.jpg


Getting to be on country music legend Merle Haggard’s album “If I Could Only Fly” was one of those “being in the right place at the right time” opportunities. After adding the harp to “If I Could Only Fly”, I can still see him leaning over the mixing board in the studio, his weather-beaten hat casting a deep shadow on his face, cigarette smoke swirling in the soft light from above. 

I nervously watched him from the corner of the room as he was humming his approval while listening to the recording.

When the song finished, he said “ I like it! Let’s do the next one.”

After he left the room, the sound engineer breathed a sigh of relief and we set to work on “Think About a Lullaby” which Merle made a music video of a year or so later.

That’s another story for a blog post!  The entire process – recording in the studio and the video - felt like I was in a dream. A lovely dream.


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Click to listen:

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Photo by Stephen Shadrach


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